The Naked Truth About How to Make Money Online in Nigeria

Published: 29th June 2009
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A lot of people have nurtured the wrong thoughts and beliefs that as long as one resides in Nigeria, that one can not equally make money online in Nigeria.

Please that's a wrong perception, however, if you happen to fall into this mindset of people then I would advice you change your psychology as quick as possible, before you become a prisoner of your own mind, and deny yourself the unlimited internet business opportunities enjoyed by many smart; open-minded Nigerians, just like you.

Without wasting words, I am going to stress one very simple fact and that is: "the internet is one borderless breakthrough", openly available for everyone and it has ever come to stay.

So having said that, it does not matter what colour of skin covering your body, your academic level or your location on planet earth. Needless to say, the internet doesn't understand such jargons.

To make money online in Nigeria and as a Nigerian, all you need are; the right mindset, good business idea, right information, plus a sound coaching advice.

Let me break them into points so you don't miss anything:

The right mindset:- A lot of people have erroneously been made to believe that internet business does not really work in Nigeria, sad to say, they take every toxic information they perceive and swallowed it, which further pollutes their mindset and sense of belief.

On the other hand, if all you have heard is true then what would "a complete internet-based business company" like, be doing at the Nigerian Stock Market?

I am not even mentioning other small online businesses that probably you do not know that has turned its owners into information age millionaires, in no distant time.

The only thin line separating you and these people is simple - the difference in mindsets.

A good business idea:- For you to succeed online you need a good profitable business idea, and the best way you can get this idea is by focusing on your own unique strength or passion, then use this quality to create something you can give, in exchange for other people's money. Certainly, anybody you meet have a problem. So, do not just carry yourself about. Try and re-invent yourself; look for something unique you have that other people will be willing to pay for. This is a timeless formula for wealth creation.

The right Information:- The truth is, you ca not get any meaningful result without the right source of information, which is even the reason why the internet is alternatively called "the information super high way". The search engines and online forums have already made it easier for anybody to garner useful information and resources, and they are always at your reach.


Uche Nnaji is the CEO of Digicom Media Nigeria. He's passionate about teaching people how to make money online in Nigeria, working only part-time from their home, office or kitchen table. You can get some insightful tips and coaching advice by visiting his official website;, TODAY.

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